Internal Wilderness

A journal of a sequence of events occurring over a period of time and location in space.

Internal Wilderness is part of an ongoing project looking at ‘landscape and memory’ - our relationship with the environment, effects we have on the world and space around us and in turn it’s profound affect on our own memory and emotions.

Each of these landscapes is a starting point to a much bigger adventure that strives to answer the question of what lays beyond the horizon.

Within the space on each sheet of paper a world can be created either from a distant memory of a childhood holiday or from the desire to see parts of the world that for now are only dreamed about.

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Lino Sunday

As I was clearing my desk for a days work I was about to put away the lino inks I recently ordered... and before I knew it I was into a 4 colour print run... Sometimes you just can't help but procrastinate...

Easter Sketchbook Work

Since our Study Trip to Berlin with the Brighton University Illustration and Graphic Design students, both myself and Stewart have been refreshed and inspired to create a new body of work. So over the Easter Weekend I took all the inspiration from Berlin and my ongoing project research and spent a few days doing 'Sketchbook Work' for the first time in a LONG TIME.

sketchbook pages 1.jpg
sketchbook pages 3.jpg

Nordische Wildnis

First time I have seen this in the flesh and its looking rather splendid. I worked on this for most of the Autumn last year and at one stage it felt like I was at the foot of a mountain I had to climb... but eventually after many weekly 'to do' lists and sticky bits of tape on my walls I got to the other side.

Currently available in Germany.

Nordische Wildnis by Claire Scully, Published by Grafe und Unzer, Germany.

The Menagerie

Last year I worked on art therapy adult colouring in books for the first time. The Menagerie was the first to be published by Michael 'O' Mara books. It's been a real journey for me, learning how to make the drawing of my bejewelled series more streamlined. This is the first series I have employed digital drawing from the start.

Cover illustration for 'The Menagerie'

Cover illustration for 'The Menagerie'

A selection of drawings from 'The Menagerie' created for the mindfulness relaxation of colouring in.

A selection of drawings from 'The Menagerie' created for the mindfulness relaxation of colouring in.

Up into the Wilderness

Over the last year I have been working on a series of drawings based on the idea that drawing can be used as vehicle to take both the artist and the viewer on a journey through time and space. Drawing places from memory and also as I imagine them to be I gave myself the task of transferring my internal world onto paper.  This 145cm wide landscape was created after I had completed 70+ A6 postcard sized drawings of the 'internal wilderness' series (the self imagined places I would like to visit). I have always been interested in the space beyond the image, often wondering how the world created would look like as you move your eyes off the edge of the paper. So, keeping the scale of the drawing by using the same sized 0.5 rotring rapidograph I gave myself an expanse of paper (relative to the A6 that I had grown accustomed) This allowed me to create a 360 degree view of this imagined wilderness.

up into the wilderness to find a place
Detail of the forest