Up into the Wilderness

Over the last year I have been working on a series of drawings based on the idea that drawing can be used as vehicle to take both the artist and the viewer on a journey through time and space. Drawing places from memory and also as I imagine them to be I gave myself the task of transferring my internal world onto paper.  This 145cm wide landscape was created after I had completed 70+ A6 postcard sized drawings of the 'internal wilderness' series (the self imagined places I would like to visit). I have always been interested in the space beyond the image, often wondering how the world created would look like as you move your eyes off the edge of the paper. So, keeping the scale of the drawing by using the same sized 0.5 rotring rapidograph I gave myself an expanse of paper (relative to the A6 that I had grown accustomed) This allowed me to create a 360 degree view of this imagined wilderness.

up into the wilderness to find a place
Detail of the forest