2017 a farewell note

As I stop to ponder back over 2017 I will firstly take a moment to mention the passing of two important people, which I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without them. The world of Illustration and of course the wider world has lost two of its gems.  Gary Powell, thank you for all the fun times learning from and teaching with you, your sense of humour and 'silly streak' is greatly missed by all and your compassion for others unmatched. Paul Bowman, Thank you for 'taking a chance' on me after interviewing me on the steps of the LCC all those years ago, and for the encouragement and attitude about work, life and ethics I still live by and refer to till this day. Thank you both, I hope to bring a little of your style and attitude in to all my future endeavours. 

nature hand 01C.jpg

2017 was also the year I broke my arm. I have always taken pride in my ability to risk assess at life and its many daily choices (obstacles). A skill that I have officially revoked from my personal arsenal of 'skills'. Remember kids, when having fun - health and safety first! It's a dangerous world our there, full of concrete ready to make contact with your drawing arms!


A mention, while I'm here, to the staff of the NHS at every level of care, Thank You!  The NHS is a priceless gem to be treasured. From being able to walk in to the team in A&E and in a matter of moments being looked after by such care and compassion (even a total buffoon like myself - a special thanks for not mocking me) having emergency surgery to fix the badly broken bone within a day (making me part robot) and all the effort and care of getting me back in business so soon. The NHS does so well at looking after people, lets not forget to make sure we keep looking after the NHS in return.

Physiotherapy exercise - tendon gliding

Physiotherapy exercise - tendon gliding